how to meditate
how to meditate

I AM Presence

Hi there, I AM Freedom Creator. Walk the path of self-mastery and enlightenment & guide others. Who choose freedom, shift of consciousness & grow through joy. How to embrace changes in peace & alignment with yourself.

My mission is empowered others to be the highest & greatest version of themselves in times of great awakening & ascension. Live in alignment with the Soul plan & purpose. Walk the path of love & compassion, peace & kindness. Create graceful ascension on this planet for the benefits of all. As Divine Being walking the earth I invite you to join Conscious Creators & create together new paradigm shift for the highest & greatest good of All That Is.

I AM Intuitive Healer, Artist, Meditative Mind. Born to create inspiring visions & actions for the highest & greatest good of All That Is.

Spiritual & Certificate Coach, workshop with Paweł Jan MrózTony Robbins & Meditation Guide

~ I AM Presence

I love the phase of creation

Soulpreneur with global successes in creation of innovative ideas & film workshops.

Participant in D&AD Impact Academy in New York for the project “Local Stories”.

I feel strong calling to help humanity experience more love, joy, peace & freedom. Tune in.

“Blog Diamond Light Goddess has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 100 Spiritual Blogs on the web”, Feedspot ~ I’m honored & very grateful. Thank you for supporting me sharing my spiritual wisdom. Thank you Divine Creator XOXO

Diamond Light Goddess 02/12/2021

Spiritual Guide & Coach x Mentor of Guided Meditations & Ascension path x Artist

Tune into inspiring community around the world & make difference for yourself, others & Gaja. Live more joyfully & free. Share your unique stories, gifts & talents with others. 

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As Creator of the New World Paradigm shift I enjoy process of creation including music. I invite you to listening and/or collaboration. Let's make more joy in the Kingdom... ~ with diamond heart