Bedtime Stories for Kids: The Little Unicorn

A fairy tale about the magical power of the heart, love for planet earth, joy and making dreams come true.

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The little Unicorn

The little Unicorn was from a distant galaxy. He loved traveling and during one of his trips he visited the planet Earth.

He immediately fell in love with this place and there were many reasons for this. He loved birds and animals, plants and lakes, seas and mountains. He often dreamed of meeting and having fun with new friends.

One day the sun brightened his corner strongly. The little Unicorn felt that this was some important sign, in a moment something unusual would happen…

He stopped and wondered in which direction to go further.

Suddenly he stopped at the great Golden Mountain, which began to speak to him in these words:

Little Unicorn you have powerful power within you. It is the power of love and joy. Every time you meet someone on your way, use your power. Thanks to this, life on planet Earth will be the happiest place you can imagine. Remember, don’t hesitate, just use the power that is within you.

The Little Unicorn only thought for a moment and answered Golden Mount: Dear Golden Hill, thank you for your wonderful advice. I promise that I will always use my magic power… See you!

The little Unicorn soared high leaving a golden glow behind it. He disappeared behind the clouds and a rainbow appeared in the sky.

The next day, when the Little Unicorn was eating raspberries in the garden. Children ran to him and asked what he was doing here. The Little Unicorn told them about his travels and about his love for planet Earth. He told about the meeting with the Golden Mountain and about his magical power. The children listened to him with their mouths open. They asked if the Little Unicorn could use his magic power. 

The Little Unicorn replied that it was very simple: Close your eyes, open your heart and feel the joy and love fill you.

Suddenly the children started jumping and giggling. They felt happy, loved and joyfully ran to their parents. The little Unicorn decided to eat a few raspberries and fell asleep sweetly.

When he woke up, the children danced around him and played with his golden horn. The little Unicorn felt happy because he met lovely children who became his friends.

The little Unicorn said to the children: Now that you are really happy, I will teach you to fulfill your dreams. Just think about what you want to come true and love it with all your heart. Are you understand? Love all your heart desires and remember that everything is possible on planet Earth. Each of your dreams can come true. Love your dreams and take care of your beloved planet. This beloved planet feeds you, thanks to it you breathe air, it is the source of what you drink. And if you want to visit me, touch your forehead. I will come immediately and you will be able to play with me. We’ll fly together to the stars. And now it’s time for me. I love you. Bye Bye.

He disappeared behind the clouds The little Unicorn soared to the clouds, and happy children waved from the garden. The Little Unicorn looked at them and said the Little Unicorn is in each of you.

The End.

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