Daily quickly exercise for Children

Daily quickly exercise for Children

Start your Day with Perfect Divine Energetic Protection

The main intension for this super quick exercise is to support children & teenagers to be perfectly protected in current times.

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Start your Day with Perfect Divine Energetic Protection

In this super quick exercise, you are supported by Divine Mother & Father, Mother Earth Gaja & Ascended Masters: Lady Nada, Lord Sananda, Lady Portia & Master St Germain.

You are perfectly connected with the heaven & earth, with your heart & mind by Lady Nada & Lord Sananda & comforted by the energies of the Violet Flame & Ascended Masters behind the Violet Flame, The Flame of Freedom.  

Daily quickly exercise ~ full script:

Now we start.

Take comfortable position for you now.  

Breath, soften & relax.


For this quickly exercise we make Divine bowl of perfect energetic protection for your day.

From above I call Divine Mother and Father to be with You

below Mother Earth Gaja

on your right-side Lord Sananda

on your left side Lady Nada

Before you Lady Portia

Behind you Master St Germain.

Breath & relax.

You are ready to start your perfect day.

Give thanks to Beloved Mother Father, Gaja, Ascended Masters now & smile.   

Daily quickly exercise for Children: Start your Day with Perfect Divine Energetic Protection

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