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What are chakras? Discover 7 & 12 Chakras Meaning
& I AM Affirmation

Chakras are energy systems connected to our bodies. Each chakra is located in specific area and correspond to nerve system and major organs.

We are healthy and vibrant, if our chakras are open and balanced. If they are blocked or overactive you can experience mental, emotional or physical symptoms that are connected to a particular chakra and difficulties or challenges in specific area of our life (relationships, work, health, …).

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What is shadow Self? What is shadow work?

Shadow Self is all about ourselves that we are not aware, that what is unconscious, often repressed, the parts of us that we not identify as our own, including positive characteristics.    

In another words shadow self is that unconscious aspect that is not integrated with our ego.

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Spiritual awakening symptoms


However, the true is that is temporary & serve the higher purpose to awaken you to your true nature. You are never alone. You have always team in spirit with you and they guide you through each step on the path.

There are many Guides & Archangels beyond the vail of illusion. You can tune in in the meditation or by the invocation / prayer.

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What is spiritual awakening?

What are the stages of spiritual awakening?

The first thing that is good to know is to understand that we are all unique & have different Soul evolution & path according the plan. However, they can be similarities to our paths.

Following I present you that what I identified on my journey, what resonate with me & can be supportive for you & your quest.

Read 7 Stages of Awakening

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MY BLOG I A Beginners Guide to Crystals & Types of Crystals

Crystals are powerful tools that can support you on every level: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual. They can assist you in your daily life experience e.g. love life, work, relationships, healing, protection.  

Each crystal has unique properties which benefit you as you start work with your crystal. E.g. they can support you achieving goals, dreams, desires.

As we know everything is energy and by focusing & using specific energy we play with our energy filed & energy filed around us.

This is how magic occur. We change our vibration & support manifestation of our intensions to be visible in physical world.

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How to contact with Your Spirit Guides?

How to communicate with Spirit Guides? What are the different types of Spirit Guides?

On spiritual path and self-mastery journey we deeply know that there is a much more beyond the veil of illusion which is called 3-Dimensional reality, physical world.

We are Souls, Spirits in bodies. We all have personal Team in Spirit often called Spirit Guides.

Before our Soul incarnated here on earth to the specific family & conditions with Soul plane & purpose to experience individual Soul grow & evolution our Spirit Guides were assigned to us for support in our mission, for example to “be on the right path”, smooth our ascension process, healing & guidance in all areas of our life’s.

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Meet Ascended Masters From The 7 Sacred Fames

Here are some of the main points or guidelines to be understood and considered about the initiate path leading to your graduation from Earth’s curriculum through the Ascension protocols.

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Guardian Angels Guide

How to know Your Guardian Angels?

In the times of great awakening & ascension most of Divine Humans have more than one Guardian Angel. Because on Planet Earth we have free will every time if you wish connect with your Guardian Angels you need invite them into your experience.

Lions Gate Portal 2021


Lions gate portal is immense powerful time for receiving the highest light of who we really are & manifest the highest trajectory & potential in our life’s. 

Our heart is also the gateway, portal to the higher dimensions of consciousness.

🦁 Lions Gate 2021: Tantra of the Heart with Mary Magdalene
🦁 Lions Gate Portal 2021: Receive the waves of incredible strength from Jesus Christ / Lord Sananda 
🦁 Lions Gate 2021: Release 3D template activate 5D template with Master St Germain


Ascended Masters Jesus & Lord Sananda


Total Lunar Eclipse Guided Meditation with GODDESS ISIS THE UNIVERSAL MOTHER

In The Temple of The Moon in Atlantis for Modern Priestesses

The Temple of the Moon was in Atlantis Divine Feminine Center made of Moonstone & established by the GODDESS ISIS & Mighty Archangel Christiel. ARCHANGEL CHRISTIEL is in charge of the Causal Chakra & was assisting in harvesting & distribution of the MOON’S CYCLES LIGHT.

This guided meditation is dedicated to Lightworkers, Starseeds & Word Servers, The Priestesses, Divine Feminine. In this guided meditation you will surrounder to the Arms of Beloved Goddess Isis, The Universal Mother.

Violet Flame meditation Powerful Shadow Work

Transmute Your Shadow Self
into Love

 In this transmission we work with Divine Violet Flame, Ascended Masters Behind the Violet Flame: Lady Portia, St Germain & Violet Flame Angels: Archangel Amethyst & Archangel Zadkiel.   

The main intension for this meditation is to release & transmute all shadows (old patterns, old believes systems, ways of being & relegating) accumulated during earthly incarnations across time & space.

This powerful transmission of Violet Flame Light will support you to restore Divine Blueprint of Perfection & shine brighter in your Divine I AM Presence.

You will experience: more love, joy & freedom, expansion on your energy filed, powerful shift of your energies, more vibrant Mind-Body-Spirit, Divine Grace.

Twin flame self-love guided meditation

with Ascended Master Lady Nada in the Temple of Love in Atlantis

The intension for this guided meditation is to be deeply connected with Divine Feminine aspect of Self, cultivate self-love, acceptance, nurturing the beauty within & bring Divine Feminine wisdom.

Twin Flame Release
Pain Meditation for Divine Masculine

Ascended Masters Lady Nada & Lord Sananda

This guided meditation supports Twin Flames Divine Masculine collective to release pain on all levels: from your mental body, emotional, physical & etheric in all directions of time, layers and dimensions, all minds & bodies & bring more love, light & harmony. In this meditation we will work with your Ascended Divine Feminine aspect in communion with Lady Master Nada, Her Twin Flame Lord Sananda & Archangels of the Six Ray, Purple and Gold Ray of Resurrection, Peace, Ministration, Service and True Brotherhood: Archangel Uriel & Aurora.

Ascended Masters for Children

Guided Meditation with Lady Nada & Lord Sananda

The intension for this Guided Meditation is to support children be he the highest & greatest version of themselves. You can also make this meditation for your Divine Inner Child.

Daily quickly exercise for Children

Start your Day with Perfect Divine Energetic Protection

The main intension for this super quick exercise is to support children & teenagers to be perfectly protected in current times.

Who I Really AM

Guided Meditation

We all have the opportunity in this lifetime to ascend into higher levels of consciousness. On the Path of enlightenment & mastery you practice meditation in the heart temple.  

Guided meditation for Kids with Archangel Michael

Angelic Protection

The intension for this guided meditation is to support children with Angelic protection. Protect them from any negativity, density, any lower vibration, anything what’s no serves for the highest good. Archangel Michael use his Angelic Divine Power & his sword of protection to purify energy of the kid & in the room/space where meditation takes place.

Archangel Michael is Mighty Protector Angel & his deep blue light support strengthen aura & build own personal shield.

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Gratitude Affirmations

Enlightenment & Mastery

We all have the opportunity in this lifetime to ascend into higher levels of consciousness. On the Path of enlightenment & mastery you practice gratitude.  

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Spring Equinox 2021 Guided Meditation

Connect with Lemurian Higher Self

We all have the opportunity in this lifetime to ascend into higher levels of consciousness. In this guided meditation you receive keys & codes that are the most beneficial for you now, for your ascension path into New Golden Age of Enlightenment, Spiritual Guidance from Lord Sananda & deep replenishment for your: emotional, physical, mental, etheric body from the crystal of Atlantis.

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Spiritual guidance

Self-empowerment on ascension path

How to reclaim your power back from situations that are challenging? Let’s grow beyond the illusion and limitations of the ego mind.

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Complete Meditation Guide For Beginners

Learn how to meditate & practice meditation. Read complete guide for beginners and practitioners. Choose grow trough joy & alignment with Higher Self. As Conscious Creators we have the power to create and manifest that what is in alignment with the highest true of who we really are. Dive deep into your true nature. Re-claim your power as Divine Being.

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Know how to ascend to the higher levels of consciousness & graduate Earth School in this lifetime. Learn more about Ascended Masters teachings & embody your highest potential & true Self.

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Guided Meditation for Inner Peace and Calm, Harmony

The intension for this guided meditation is to release any fear-based energy construct from our entire system, our bodies: mental, emotional, physical and all etheric bodies, those of humanity and Mother Earth.

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