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Planet Earth, Gaja as a being ascend from 3D to 5D like a Star. This is already manifested. All life on Planet Earth radiate higher dimensional energy. Humans are awakened & awakening right now on massive scale. Global awakening is also called with planetary ascension and at the same time, we all experience cosmic ascension. It means that all planets & beings in our Galaxy System also experience ascension ~ shift of consciousness ~ as a dispensation from the Creator.

These informations are channeled by many different people on our globe who works with the higher realms & dimensions. There is huge spiritual hierarchy. World Teacher ~ Master Kuthumi, Masters of Wisdom (Sacred Flames Masters) and many other Beings form the Highest Light with Christ Consciousness ~ see below how this is understood under “Awake Your Original Consciousness with Lord Maitreya”

All are working with us & support our planet behind the scenes ~ on etheric level ~ higher dimensional level (5D & beyond). Which is only shift of your consciousness & embodiment of your true nature ~ soul light & wisdom. As you reclaim more your Higher Self and I AM Presence (e.g. via soul blueprint healing & guided meditations, sound healing, light language, etheric retreats with Ascended Masters, invocations & more… (we have many different ascension tools nowadays) you became more familiar with this experience ~ this is your divine heritage. Be free, sovereign & re-claim your power back from enslaved 3D matrix human experience.

We all have a choice to walk ascension path or not. In this sense every human on this planet can make conscious decision if he wants to embrace changes in peace & alignment with yourself ~ unity consciousness and support Gaja and whole life in ascension process or not. You need to know that this decision has major consequences for your soul journey, evolution & your life path at this time. 


You can ascend to 5-Dimensional being with unity consciousness, reclaim your power as freedom creator, free from any limitations or experience 3D matrix which is separation, lack-consciousness (cut of from the Source & from your Higher Self), ego/fear-based consciousness (via programming in 3D matrix) and continue this experience on another 3-Dimensional matrix planet after your transition. 

Incarnation on 5D planet earth will no more available for beings with low consciousness level like 3D. This is what you need to understand NOW. This is why we are all here at this time. This time on this planet is very specific not only on planetary level but in the history of human consciousness. You have choice. You have free will. You decide what you want to experience. Many years dark forces enslaved humanity on many different ways but now is the time for the Victory of Light, Unity Consciousness, Oneness. 

Gaja, planet earth ascended. Many humans choose ascension path. It’s already happened. You have the choice to walk ascension path and you can also walk as Ascended Master ~ if you want to graduate Earth School. It’s your time to choose ~ shadow/dark separation/fear/3D lack-consciousness or Light/Love (frequency) & Unity Consciousness. There is no other way. If you don’t choose it’s your choice also. Be aware of that. We are all responsible for our decisions.


The life on planet earth is Mystery School. Almost all souls incarnated here are The Brave One. Only on this planet you have experience separation form your true nature ~ which is frequency of love. This experience is also called “the vail of illusion”. And your journey on this planet is to come back to home, to your true nature. 

Everything what you learn here is about love and how to love. You learn about self-love, creative love, transcendent love, love in relationships, etc. The people on this planet are on different consciousness levels. That’s why we all experience different vibrations. But NOW we all have the opportunity to come back to our true nature, our soul essence ~ embody higher aspect of self and live from enlightened perspective. Shifting into 5D~unity consciousness & beyond. 5D timelines are available for us now after long time living in separation consciousness ~ 3D matrix…

In the same sense as in other schools you can graduate Earth School. After your clear intension & commitment that you want to graduate in this lifetime you receive tests/initiations in the most perfect time with The Ascended Masters of the Sacred Flames. It’s possible also that some initiations with the Masters you have had experienced in another life times. Your Soul knows the way and you have guidance on your path. We experience here that what was chosen before our incarnation on this physical plane.

You can also become the Ascended Master. This is the path of mastery & graduation on this Planet. And you can do this now. It’s available for all of us. The key is to understand that is available & possible. As you focus on that it became your “Nord Star” & you will be fully supported by the Universe & all beings form the Highest Light with Christ Consciousness on your journey to your ascension as a Master. Becoming “Master of Light” on Ascension Journey means freeing yourself from all human shackles and limitations but requires investment in Self ~ meditation, contemplation, leering higher wisdom & truths, embodiment of your Soul, live your truth as a Master. 


After the Fall of Atlantis & Lemuria civilizations where all people lived happy & joyful in harmony with the nature humans experienced degradation form 5D (active 12 chakras) to 3D (7 chakras but last time period on our planet only 3 lower chakras were really active for most people ~ maybe without monks & yogis). Many people on this planet stuck in karma cycle, cosmic law & don’t’ realized their true nature & potential.

5-Dimensional consciousness was (and is NOW) connecting to alignment with the soul and soul wisdom but also many psychic gifts and talents, great harmony, balance, manifestations abilities to create life with ease & effortlessly. It means also connection with the higher realms like Dragons Kingdom, Unicorns Kingdom, Angelic Kingdom, Star Beings ~ the beings from the highest Light with Christ Consciousness from other planets ~ we are not alone in our Galaxy System ~ this high pure energy was available for us in our daily life in Atlantis & Lemuria times. We all lived there many thousand years.  

You need to understand that we are the same consciousness and as conscious beings we are limitless in our essence. Our mind works as “quantum computer” you can tap into every frequency that you wish to experience via your attention & intention. Now it’s possible to call every specific energy for some people and work with this energy’s but in Lemuria & Atlantis time it was available on a large scale.

The degradation process was involved because some people used their power not necessary for the highest & greatest good of all and we all have start to experience painful lesson ~ we forgot our true nature. We were shutting down from our multidimensional nature (from 5D & 12 chakra system) to experience mind & body (3D matrix), karma, etc. All what we know nowadays without the knowledge and understanding on collective level who we really are. This lesson is painful not only for humans ~ because some people still deal with a karma and learn by suffering (in 3D matrix) but also for the planet including animals, trees & elemental kingdom. We are all in this together. Gaja is a Being. We are Beings. Animals are Beings. Trees are living Beings. Whole life on this planet is sacred & precious, exactly as we are. 


From 2012 (for some people) & the beginning of 2020 (major global shift) we experience came back of many high frequencies on this planet. Every day on massive scale and via specific planetary events like full moons, solar eclipses, Lions Gate Portal & more. These powerful astrological events give the opportunity to stream high frequencies ~ light codes activations ~ on our planet earth, including us. 

You can see this streams of light via Schuman Resonance. I invite you to do this & experience what’s really happen on this planet also on more conscious level. This brings you more vivid impression what we experience. We are collectively in transition period. In 2032 we will experience full embodiment of 5D template. My video about: WHAT IS ASCENSION ~ ON INDIVIDUAL ~ PLANETARY & COSMIC LEVEL 


The Christ Consciousness is the purest vibration of love that flows from the Creator’s heart chakra. It has nothing to do with any form of religion or experience upon the Earth. The Christ Consciousness is the purest vibration of love in action.

The Christ Consciousness creates a bridge that connects humanity and all aspects of the Creator with the core of the Creator. It is a consciousness, state of being which is aligned with the Creator.

When you accept, remember and embody the Christ Consciousness you are seeing, sensing, feeling, speaking, listening and experiencing yourself, reality and the world as if through the Creator. The Christ Consciousness creates liberation, remembrance, and empowerment within your being.



When you accept the Christ Consciousness within your being, you are experiencing a unique state of being where you perceive from a space of love within you, while existing in harmony with the love the Creator is sharing with you, as well as experiencing the manifestations of love before you.

In this unique moment, you are in the divine flow, vibrating as one with the Creator, allowing truth to emerge as well as surrendering all forms of illusions which you may have been holding onto.

In this space, it is very difficult to connect with the drama, pain, and suffering of the ego. Instead, you view all aspects of yourself with compassion. You begin to realize that you do not wish to reject or separate yourself from any aspect of your being whether through thought, emotion or because of old energetic patterns.

Instead there is a wish to experience a unity and harmony with all aspects of your being which means that with courage, compassion and trust in your own healing power you are able to observe every aspect of your being whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual with the view of creating love; love being a remembrance of your unity with the Creator.


We need to understand that we collectively experience chaotic energies because we are disconnected from our true nature, our Higher aspect of Self & the Source, pure vibration of light. We are connected to social media but disconnected from ourselves on collective level of consciousness. It means we need to claim our power back & understand who we really are. 

As Conscious Creators of the New Earth, 5D template we need to focus on insight world. We are souls that have temporary experience in the physical vessel, our body. Our work now is to be deeply connected with our true essence, be deeply connected with the heart space (portal to Higher Self) & the Source, be in alignment with ourselves and from this place create New Earth for us and new generations ~ The Kids of New Earth. Ascended Masters are with us. 




Here are some of the main points or guidelines to be understood and considered about the initiate path leading to your graduation from Earth’s curriculum through the Ascension protocols.

  • This process is one of complete purification and healing of all that is hindering your transfiguration, resurrection and ascension into the arms of God/Love; the restoration of your dignity and memories, so that you live, once again, as divine children of your heavenly Father/Creator, entering the world of “Oneness.”
  • Understand that each dimension represents a certain frequency. The fifth dimension becomes accessible to you when, and only when, you have attained that frequency in your consciousness and have the ability to maintain it at all times.
  • Live from the heart, talking and acting like a master would, as a way of “being.” Always ask yourself the questions, “What would a master do or say in this and that situation?” Then go within and find the answer. If it is not clear, take a piece of paper and pen, light a candle if you wish, and set your intention to find the answer inside of you. The master within is awake and alert at all times, forever waiting for your recognition.
  • Let go of the third dimensional consciousness of separation, duality, polarity and drama in all its myriad forms. Stop believing in two powers, and giving your power and precious energy to the illusion of this 3D density. Allow yourself to set aside all that you learned so far that has not given you the results you are yearning for. Be ready and willing to learn a new and have the courage to step into the unknown reality of Love and Magic. Recognize that Love is the only true power there is, and start living your life in that vibrational frequency from the inside out.
  • Let go of all judgment and expectations about yourself and others, and how life should be unfolding for you. Allow yourself to perceive and embrace all the wonders and majesty of “YOU” in the splendor of your divinity, and accept the great adventure of letting it unfold and transform in front of your eyes, in deep joy and gratitude.
  • Embrace the banner of humility and the sweet surrender to one’s holy vows. If you don’t know what they are, they are written within your very cells and DNA, as well as in many chambers of your Sacred Heart. Be willing to take the time to go within and investigate.
  • Establish a conscious union with your I AM Presence and the fulfillment of your divine plan. The ascension is the unification, the merging into divine union with your magnificent I AM Presence. In order to embody this glorious aspect of yourself, it is an obvious requirement that you make yourself very familiar and intimate with that aspect of Self you want to merge with. How can you expect to ascend and unify with an aspect of Self that you have not spent the time to know and understand?

When we ask people through channeling sessions what the ascension means to them, we are amazed at the answers we receive, such as changing dimension, being able to manifest everything, not having to be limited by money anymore, being able to teleport, and so on. Although these become the gifts and results of ascension, they are not its primary purpose.

YOU, your level of understanding your divinity and becoming it brings it forth.

  • Embrace the consciousness of harmlessness by honoring the sanctity of all Life sharing this planet with you, and also the divine right of every person to live here as well.
  • Release old programming running your life and all negative emotions stored in your conscious, unconscious and subconscious memories, including the balancing of all debts incurred towards life. You have already received many teachings on these topics.
  • When individuals believe their debt to be light and they enter into the spirit of releasing it steadily into the sacred fire, they create a great release of joy that flows through their being. The feeling of joy within your consciousness has a tendency to create malleability in the coil of energy that keeps the records of the debts, relaxing tensions within the energetic coils, and freeing the individual to move on more quickly through all initiations with greater ease and grace.
  • The attitudes that most assist anyone to move through the balancing of their shadow creation are twofold. First, adopt, as a way of life, each moment of the day, “as an act of love,” for yourself, for your fellowmen, for the planet, for other kingdoms sharing the planet with you and in gratitude for creation itself. And secondly, practicing the attitude of gratitude will assist you immensely.
  • Nurture and expand a genuine desire for your ascension and immortality, embracing the willingness to walk the path unto the end! Unless you entertain a genuine desire for ascension and immortality, unless you are willing to shed the old ways of living in the third dimension that has kept you and humanity in pain, and walk the path shown to you by the Masters of Wisdom who have tread the way before you, you cannot become a true candidate for Ascension on the inner planes.

(From The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia)



From Lord Serapis Bey, Chohan of the 4 RAY:

The candidate for Ascension must meet “seven major initiations”.

 The candidate must successfully pass through the disciplines of the Seven Great Temples.

I am embodied discipline” says Serapis Bey. For centuries most people have feared that discipline. I am dedicated to seeing that you pass through the fires of purification, and that you, who desire the opportunity of gaining your ascension, might persevere until the day of that victory. Angels of the Ascension Temple gather all the praise, adoration, songs, devotion and blessings sent upward by individuals in congregational or individual worship. These energies created by devotional practices are carefully woven into the ever-widening spiritual stream of energy. Each new soul who attains Ascension status makes it easier for the next livestream to avail itself of the fully-gathered cosmic momentum of those who have gone before.

First: The candidate must learn to control and transform all thoughts and feelings that are not aligned with their Divine Self. This is the initiation of mastery of the first temple, the Temple of God’s Will that the hopeful and the brave must pass. The candidate must learn to commune with his own God Presence and to develop within himself true humility before it. Within this first temple, under the direction of Master El Morya and his assistants, the aspirant is assisted in the dissolving of rebellion.

Within the discipline of a good night’s sleep, abstinence from tobacco, alcohol and recreational drugs, you ease your pathway to your glorious freedom. Those who do not wish to accept those disciplines have not yet the stimulus to become the best, to be the highest and the greatest expression of a God incarnate.

Second: Those who have successfully passed the initiations of the first temple are taken to the second temple, known as the Temple of Learning. Under the guidance of Lord Lanto, the Master Kuthumi and the Brotherhood of the Golden Robe, they are given instructions in the Law. Here they develop understanding of the Law of cause and effect and all other Universal Laws. It is a pleasant and happy time of sowing the seeds, of breathing life upon those seeds and bringing in a harvest of work. It is the time when the artist develops his skills, the musician develops dexterity in his musical accomplishments and the teacher becomes eloquent in conveying knowledge to his students.

Third: Those who have successfully passed the initiations of the second temple are taken to the third temple, the Temple of Love, under the great protection and guidance of the Beloved Paul the Venetian. Here the neophyte must learn the discipline of unconditional love and harmony for their own life stream and for all other forms of Life. They are placed in living quarters with those who have within themselves tendencies which are particularly aggravating to others. This is where the numbers of neophytes dwindle, and with great feeling of relief, many candidates rush to the door and leave us. To live peacefully with one’s fellowmen is one of the greatest tests of the unascended state. Although the graciousness, the beauty, the kindliness of this great Master is so astonishing as to melt a heart of stone, the discipline he requires in learning tolerance, compassion and understanding is such that few survive.

Fourth: From the third temple, the initiate moves into the fourth temple, the Temple of Ascension. This is the first personal contact that Serapis Bey has with the neophyte. For the first time, the candidate must draw forth enough purity to see his I AM Presence and his Holy Christ Self face-to-face. In the initiation, the Master himself will stand within the aura of the initiate presenting many negative imbalances which still exist within the inner bodies. This is when the candidate will hear many voices and only true discrimination, prayer, selflessness and humility can discern the “Voice of the Silence.” It is the time when the “Self” is shown the tricks of the ego and subtle appearances. The aspirant must apply himself to purify all past negative human creations and transform them into pure-white Light Radiance.

Fifth: After passing the initiation of the fourth temple, the disciple is ready for the discipline of the fifth temple, the Temple of Consecration. It is then that the garment of consecration is placed upon them, golden sandals on their feet and a silken robe on their body. Master Hilarion or Beloved Raphael performs the service of consecration where all body systems are consecrated to purity and ascension. Then consecrations are given, of the hands into which the Flame of Healing is infused, and of the feet which become the anchors of the Sacred Fire wherever the body moves. Consecration of the lips takes place to speak the Sacred Words which invoke and command the manifestation of precipitation and healing powers. Consecration of the energies of the eyes enables the disciple to see perfection and to call it forth. This completes the ceremonies.

Sixth: The aspirant is then taken to the sixth temple, the Temple of Service where he is expected to temporarily put aside his worldly pursuits to be in service to others and to become his brother’s keeper. He is also expected to volunteer some of his time to planetary service for the benefit of mankind, not just himself and his family. He must learn to include the rest of humanity in his heart, becoming fully aware that the needs of others also affect the needs of many. In the sixth temple, under the sponsorship of Lord Sananda with his beloved twin flame, Nada (also known as Jesus and Mary Magdalene), the aspirant is trained to nurture and serve all aspects of Life and become a ministering servant.

Before a candidate for ascension can become a master, he must also learn the disciplines of the humble servant, selfless service, true brotherhood and obedience to Hierarchy. Those spending almost their entire lives in the service of some activity or organization to assist and enhance the consciousness of the collective are usually sixth level initiates. In the past, too often, Serapis Bey saw many of you leave Luxor, ready to set the world on fire, only to recede back as you went down the steps of the great temple. This is where a great number of you lost your opportunity for Ascension in many incarnations.

Seventh: After the aspirant passes the initiations of the first six temples, he is ready to enter the seventh temple, the Temple of the Violet Fire where every atom, cell and electron of his being becomes completely purified by the action of the Violet Flame under the sponsorship of Master Saint Germain. The candidate becomes like a window through which the God-life flows with absolute purity. The physical body will give you the greatest possible ease and grace within the Laws of harmony, if you refrain from taking into the physical body those substances which change its natural vibratory action, disconnecting it from the harmony of the spheres of Divine Love. When the candidate is ready to fully externalize the Will of God, and preparations begin to initiate the final phase of the graduation ceremony of Ascension, then all is in place for the candidate to become an “ascended master.” Do you see? Blessings from the heart of Luxor!

(From The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia)

If it is your deepest Soul desire you can step into ascension path, embodiment of your Soul by following invocation. Know that as Divine Being you direct your intension to the Universe, Source & this is received. Say loud following intension directly from your heart space: 

Invocation for Personal Ascension:

In the name of my beloved God-Presence “I AM.” I ask to receive the initiations needed to qualify for Ascension. I call for a great cosmic shaft of Cosmic Purity Flame to remove from my mind, my thoughts, my feelings and my body, and all subtle bodies every vibration of human creation that is impure in substance and less than my Divine Perfection in God. May the Flame of Purity transmute from my world all remaining negative energies! May the Love of Christ expand in me through the power of the Ascension Flame! May the Resurrection Flame awaken the memories of my divine blueprint. So that I can be free forever from all discord that I have ever created! I affirm that I AM Purity in action. I AM God’s Purity established within mind, body and soul. Let me also invoke Purity for every part of Life on Earth. Let me invoke Purity for my family, my friends and for the whole family of God, all Kingdoms and the Earth. And so it is beloved I AM!

(From The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia)


You can connect Ascended Masters on daily basis via invocations. Know that everything is energy & by your focus & intension you attract that what’s you invite via one of the Universal Laws called Law of Attraction. 

My list of invocations based on written material from Aurelia strong support your manifestation & conscious creation of divine perfection in your life. It’s also very powerful healing tool on your ascension path. You focus & direct your intension on the Ascended Master Octave ~ very high vibration. I invite you to make it daily practice. Start your day form the highest possible Octave. Check it & feel the difference. Where your focus goes your energy flows… Make sure that you experience exactly that what you want. 



Check it & feel the difference. You can take journey in consciousness to the 5 Dimension e.g. by guided meditation (see my list below) & meet the Masters from the Seven Sacred Flames. 

Guided Meditation with Ascended Master Lord Lanto


In this journey you will be in Illumination Temple in Telos where you are greeted by a most splendid team of Second Ray masters, Lord Maitreya, Lord Buddha, the Lords Sananda, Lord Lanto, Confucius, Djwal Khul and Kuthumi, extending to you all the love of their hearts.

Guided Meditation with Ascended Master Paul the Venetian


In this guided meditation you will travel in consciousness to the 5-Dimension, CRYSTAL ROSE FLAME TEMPLE OF LOVE & FLOW OF CREATIVITY in Telos. This journey will imprinted in your light body & you will receive all what is the most beneficial for your Soul & heart chakra. You meet Holy Spirit, Ascended Master of the 3th Ray ~ Paul the Venetian.

Guided Meditation with Ascended Masters Lady Nada & Lord Sananda


JOURNEY TO THE RESURRECTION FLAME TEMPLE In this journey you will be in Temple in Telos in the Fifth Dimension it will assist in raising your vibration.

Guided Meditation with Ascended Master Saint Germain


JOURNEY TO THE RESURRECTION FLAME TEMPLE In this journey you will be in Temple in Telos in the Fifth Dimension it will assist in raising your vibration.

how to meditate
how to meditate

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