Keys to Spiritual Growth I Enlightenment & Mastery

Keys to Spiritual Growth

Enlightenment & Mastery

We all have the opportunity in this lifetime to ascend into higher levels of consciousness. On the Path of enlightenment & mastery you learn spiritual lessons of surrender, release & trust.

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Keys to Spiritual Growth

We all have the opportunity in this lifetime to transcend to higher levels of consciousness, to connect & embody Higher Self & I AM Presence and live in this life as a masters of divine expression. This process is called ascension

It means that you get access to higher levels of wisdom from your sacred mind collect in many different incarnations in higher dimensions and planes of existence.

On this path you are fully supported by the Divine & higher realms, however it takes dedication & initiations in the light. This is how you can conscious grow & evolve on planet earth as a Soul.  

If you are confused or you need clarity call upon Archangel Michael, Higher Self & I AM Presence, your Guides from the Highest Light that are the most beneficial for you now & ask for help in meditation.  

Remember that there is a lot of help for you at this time in the history of our planet, in the times of great awakening & ascension. But you need to ask for that.

You can surrender all your burdens to the Divine Will & your Mighty I AM Presence via specific meditations, intension or via invocation.



I Surrender all my problems to the Divine Will & my Mighty I AM Presence & the outcome is perfect. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It is done. I accept my blessings now. So be It & so it is.

When we surrender & release we give the power of the Universe / Source / Divine provide for us the best outcome and we feel lighter & more joyous.

Because of that we have released burdens that no longer serves us from our energy fields & have let go of control of the ego mind (which is illusionary). This is the path of grace & ease.

At the end of the day the true is that there is Greater Power than you, This Power have created you. If you trust This Power you know that everything what you are & have belong to This Power. Your each breath & all your abundance. If you choose trust you can more relax because you know that all your needs will be always meet.

This are the Spiritual Lessons of Surrender, Release & Trust and we all learn these lessons in our unique way. We all learn that we cannot control all circumstances, that we need to surrender & if we decide to do so, we can also release all burdens to the Divine, Ascended Masters & Angelic Guides.

We can feel better & shine brighter. This is the path of enlightenment & mastery to claim different spiritual lessons on our path.  

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In this lifetime we can embody wisdom of our Soul & walk this earth as a Masters. This process is called ascension. You are not alone & we can grow together with grace & create new paradigm shift. I invite you to discover your Higher Self & merge with your Divine Essence.

If you feel the call in your heart, be here now.

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