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The last 2 000 Years our world was dominating by the human ego. However, our ego not define us. We are much more… We are Spirits in human body vehicle. All ancient traditions & texts from the Illuminated Ones: Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Sanat Kumara: The Teachers of Jesus spoke about the same Truth: All is One: Love Eternal, the frequency which is accessible for all Human Beings by the open Heart in the state of stillness, deep contemplation, meditation, chanting mantras or by the use of the power of spoken word via invocations / I AM Affirmations, prayers. This is how we tap into infinite potential & connect with True Self & the unlimited wisdom of the “I AM” Presence. 

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What to experience in Lotus Heart Academy

Bundle of Guided Meditations

5 Guided meditations (mp3/mp4) with Ascended Masters

Lotus Heart Community

Private Facebook Group
Diamond Light Goddess holds this space sacred for All

FB Group Q&A

with Diamond Light Goddess guided by your deepest needs & desires

Lotus Heart Academy
is perfect for All who wish to

💎 Follow the wisdom of the heart & create meaningful life for Yourself, the benefits of others & Gaja 

💎 Live peacefully & free in alignment with the Soul & I AM Presence

💎 Be in balance & harmony with the heart & mind

💎 Learn how to take practical steps & follow the inner Guidance

💎 Practice peace & calm & feel comfort & relax in Your daily life

how to meditate

Lotus Heart
Academy Benefits

💎 Open, nurture & comfort Your Lotus Heart

💎 Restore Divine Perfection in Your Life

💎 Return to mental & emotional balance

💎 Be in alignment with Your Higher Self & I AM Presence

💎 Practice peace & calm & feel comfort & relax in Your daily life

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Lotus Heart Academy Membership
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Lotus Heart Academy







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Every change starts WITHIN you & then is manifest in the OUTSIDE world

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Lotus Heart Academy I 1-on-1 Session Online I 4 Divine Diamonds

Lotus Heart Academy

Is perfect for All that seek Truth & if you wish to manifest new bright beginnings in Your Life.

1-on-1 Online Session
60 min

Personal Coaching / Mentoring / Intuitive Healing Session with Diamond Light Goddess

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Divine Diamonds
Gifts for Mindfulness

Divine Diamonds are 4 Guided Meditations that support the next phase of your ascension​


Most Common Questions

Express your willingness: send your email under: with title “Lotus Heart” . Lotus Academy is available for all after voluntary donation send via paypal:

After voluntary donation you will receive access to Lotus Heart Center Community on Facebook Private Group. 

You cancel at anytime but there are no refunds on membership. 

1:1 Session is available in themes of coaching, mentoring, healing & spiritual guidance. Send your email on with Title “1-on-1 Session”. 

1-on-1 session requires phi $ 333 USD send via paypal. Lotus Heart Academy Members get discount on 1:1 Session as well as other offers. 

For Souls on Spiritual path focused on self-development, healing & self-mastery. Together we can dive deep where is needed & shift that what is for the highest. 

I am able to supports you according your specific needs and/or guide you by my Spirit.  

This 1-on-1- session can support you:

  • Release limitations, mental, emotional, energetic blockages
  • Get out of your head & connect you deeper with your heart
  • Open you for your Spiritual path & your Soul Calling
  • Develop your inner wisdom & guidance
  • Expand your consciousness
  • Work with your Chakras & the Higher Realms

This 1-on-1 Zoom session is prefect for:

Creators, Lightworkers, Healers, Soul Entrepreneurs

Meditation Gifts for mindfulness “Divine Diamonds for 2021” are 4 Guided Meditations

All Guided meditations are available in digital form as mp3 & are also perfect idea for conscious gifts. With Divine Diamonds for 2021 you can gift yourself & others. 

Send me an email on: with the title “Divine Diamonds”. 

You can receive 4 Divine Diamonds after your payment via paypal $ 11:11 USD. 

how to meditate
how to meditate

I AM Presence

Hi there, I AM Freedom Creator. Walk the path of self-mastery and enlightenment & guide others. Who choose freedom, shift of consciousness & grow through joy. How to embrace changes in peace & alignment with yourself.

My mission is empowered others to be the highest & greatest version of themselves in times of great awakening & ascension. Live in alignment with the Soul plan & purpose. Walk the path of love & compassion, peace & kindness. Create graceful ascension on this planet for the benefits of all. As Divine Being walking the earth I invite you to join Conscious Creators & create together new paradigm shift for the highest & greatest good of All That Is.

I AM Intuitive Healer, Artist, Meditative Mind. Born to create inspiring visions & actions for the highest & greatest good of All That Is.

Spiritual & Certificate Coach, workshop with Paweł Jan MrózTony Robbins & Meditation Guide

~ I AM Presence