Meditation Gifts

Meditation Gifts ~ Divine Diamonds for 2021

Meditation Gifts for Mindfulness

Meditation Gifts for mindfulnessΒ β€œDivine Diamonds for 2021” are Guided Meditations:

πŸ’ŽΒ Diamond ofΒ Β Miraculous Life. Step into Your Greatness

πŸ’ŽΒ Diamond of Peace & Calm Within

πŸ’ŽΒ Diamond of Self-Love & Mastery

πŸ’ŽΒ Diamond ofΒ Omnipresent Absolute BlissΒ 

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Meditation Gifts for Mindfulness

I invite you to share gifts that brings value to your life, your family, friends & world around you by choosing meditation gift for inner well-being you make a difference. I was inspiring to create β€œDivine Diamonds for 2021” by being strong immersed in the energies of Winter Solstice Gateway 2020.

Meditation Gifts for mindfulness β€œDivine Diamonds for 2021” are Guided Meditations:

πŸ’Ž Diamond of  Miraculous Life. Step into Your Greatness

πŸ’Ž Diamond of Peace & Calm Within

πŸ’Ž Diamond of Self-Love & Mastery

πŸ’Ž Diamond of Omnipresent Absolute Bliss (FREE on YouTube)

Divine Diamonds guided meditations strong support:

πŸ’Ž the next phase of your awakening & ascension on our planet after Winter Solstice Gateway 2020 and are recorded in the peak of this energy

πŸ’Ž the highest of the highest outcome & deep dive into your true nature & connection with the Source.

All Guided meditations are available in digital form as mp3 & are also perfect idea for conscious gifts. With Divine Diamonds for 2021 you can gift yourself & others. More under:, title [Divine Diamonds for 2021]

Another option for conscious gifts is VOUCHER for 6 or 11 ONLINE 1:1 SESSIONS: MEDITATION x LIFE COACHING x ASCENSION MENTORING (see below) or ALL OF THEM. More under:, title [Diamonds of Love & Wisdom]

~ with diamond heart & love 

21 December 2020: Omnipresent Absolute Bliss Guided Meditation
Winter Solstice Gateway

This is one of the four guided meditations that I was inspiring to create by being strong immersed in the energies of Winter Solstice Gateway 2020. These 4 meditations I called β€œDivine Diamonds for 2021”.

how to meditate
how to meditate

Spiritual Coaching & Mentoring
Meditation & Ascension Guidance

Hi, I’m Agnieszka. Freedom Creator of New World. I walk the diamond path of self-mastery and enlightenment & guide others. Who choose freedom, shift of consciousness & grow through joy. How to embrace changes in peace & alignment with yourself.

I’am the living programmer of the New Earth Unity Consciousness, Divine Being & Messenger, intuitive healer, artist, meditative mind. Creator Brave Unicorns x Unicorns Aura x Diamond Light Goddess x Global Ascension & Meditation Club x Global Manifestation Club x Modern Goddess Club. Born to create inspiring visions & actions. 

Spiritual & certificate coach, workshop with Tony Robbins. Ascension & meditation guide. Private & group sessions available.Title [I am in the flow]

I invite you to co-create with me new beginnings & peaceful ascension on this planet. 


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