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Ascension Energy Update

We are already after very powerful Lions Gate Portal in the history of our planet & we have resaved huge amount of light streams from Great Central Sun & other planets in our Galaxy System, like Sirius, Andromeda, and more.

These energies activate strands in our DNA. We can more consciously unpack these light codes e.g. via meditation, rest in the nature, contemplation, sound bath & relaxation. Meditative mind, relaxed state of being & peace strong support this whole process. If your body is more relaxed it’s easier the energy to flows & this feeds our bodies (they are without energetic blocks) to be prepared for the next phase & steps that we need to take.

Because our individual energetic filed is shifted via this powerful light shower from above & off course the energy of our Planet also, all life is prepared now to live in the higher vibration & dimensions.

What it all means?

It’s possible that you don’t more resonate with old stories, relationships, places, goals, carrier path or generally: different aspect of your life. Because your energetic filed is shifted.

Yes. We all experience changes now after this huge cosmic event. But before we experience new life the old need to be released and we are in the transition period which is very specific for each individual journey.

We are no more in the old phase & not fully in the new. Metaphorically speaking the new beginnings are on the horizon & we are on the seaside not really seeing what comes. But now is the perfect time to prepare our energetic containers & filed for the best outcomes…

Think Big like a child & trust

Probably every child believe in magic & the magic occurs.

Expect miracles, so you can invite the blessings that are on the horizon… Miracles consciousness is very powerful. We allow the energy to do its work in the most perfect way. As we expect miracles in our life it supports the highest outcomes in every possible way in every aspect.

Affirmations For Miracles In Your Life & Inspiring Quotes

What if your mind resist miracles consciousness...

If your “rational mind” doesn’t really get the insight from miraculous consciousness think about it for a moment:

  • Why not?
  • Think about why you think that your conditioned mind & programs in your head knows better than your Higher Self & the Universe?

Ask yourself & observe your programs. What’s coming to the surface? Maybe you don’t want to believe because you want to control things to happen. But it not even possible as you know (you can’t control nature, you are part of the nature & cosmic order) & if you want to control the energy cannot flows easily in the best possible direction. So, what you can do now? Recognize your program & frees yourself from the ego mind. You can choose to let go & trust. You are much more than your ego mind. You are Multidimensional Being, Conscious Creator so use your power of focus & intension. Expect unexpected blessings & miracles. This is powerful intension with the magic of how the Universe works. 

How we can smooth our transition period even more?
Conscious Creation ~ Journaling Prompts

You need to know how you want to live now. It is good to contemplate & reflect on your life journey, where you are now with all your gifts, talents, experience. You can ask yourself: 

⚜️ Who I am now? & Who I want to became? 

⚜️ What are my hearts desires now?

⚜️ What life I want to experience now?

⚜️ What I really want to build now for myself & for the planet?

⚜️ What are my next steps? What is my very next step?

⚜️ …  (place for your questions)

Post the questions that are the most important for you & your journey now.

Sit in silence, stillness, meditative mind, contemplation & ask yourself.

You can use those questions as your journaling prompts to better understand what’s next. You can call your Guides, Guardian Angel, your Angels, Ascended Masters for support via setting the intension. Give yourself time to do that. Recognize the pattern that will appear from the answers. Go for it & remember enjoy the journey before results appear.

Childlike wonder, innocence (non judgmental thoughts), vivid imagination strong support this process. This is how we prepare our mental body for the grow and make safe ground for the seeds and that what will grow.

If you use judgmental thoughts or sabotaging yourself how you can really create your amazing life & grow trough joy? So, I invite you to come back to your true nature, connect with your inner child that knows that everything is possible, how to create great vision and make steps forward with trust that everything is perfect exactly as it is.

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