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Meet Ascended Masters From the 7 Sacred Fames

From Lord Serapis Bay, Chohan of the 4 RAY:
The candidate must successfully pass through the disciplines of the Seven Great Temples


The candidate must learn to control and transform all thoughts and feelings that are not aligned with their Divine Self.

This is the initiation of mastery of the first temple, the Temple of God’s Will that the hopeful and the brave must pass.

The candidate must learn to commune with his own God Presence and to develop within himself true humility before it.

Within this first temple, under the direction of Master El Morya and his assistants, the aspirant is assisted in the dissolving of rebellion. Within the discipline of a good night’s sleep, abstinence from tobacco, alcohol and recreational drugs, you ease your pathway to your glorious freedom.

Those who do not wish to accept those disciplines have not yet the stimulus to become the best, to be the highest and the greatest expression of a God incarnate.


In this journey you visit Blue Flame Temple in Telos where you are greeted by the Master El Morya, Chohan of First Ray.
You also receive a gift from the Masters. This transmission of light is dedicated to the first flame ~ flame of WILL OF GOD


Those who have successfully passed the initiations of the first temple are taken to the second temple, known as the Temple of Learning.

Under the guidance of Lord Lanto, the Master Kuthumi and the Brotherhood of the Golden Robe, they are given instructions in the Law.

Here they develop understanding of the Law of cause and effect and all other Universal Laws.

It is a pleasant and happy time of sowing the seeds, of breathing life upon those seeds and bringing in a harvest of work.

It is the time when the artist develops his skills, the musician develops dexterity in his musical accomplishments and the teacher becomes eloquent in conveying knowledge to his students.

Guided Meditation with Ascended Master Lord Lanto


In this journey you will be in Illumination Temple in Telos where you are greeted by a most splendid team of Second Ray masters, Lord Maitreya, Lord Buddha, the Lords Sananda, Lord Lanto, Confucius, Djwal Khul and Kuthumi, extending to you all the love of their hearts.


Those who have successfully passed the initiations of the second temple are taken to the third temple, the Temple of Love, under the great protection and guidance of the Beloved Paul the Venetian.

Here the neophyte must learn the discipline of unconditional love and harmony for their own life stream and for all other forms of Life.

They are placed in living quarters with those who have within themselves tendencies which are particularly aggravating to others.

This is where the numbers of neophytes dwindle, and with great feeling of relief, many candidates rush to the door and leave us.

To live peacefully with one’s fellowmen is one of the greatest tests of the unascended state.

Although the graciousness, the beauty, the kindliness of this great Master is so astonishing as to melt a heart of stone, the discipline he requires in learning tolerance, compassion and understanding is such that few survive.

Guided Meditation with Ascended Master Paul the Venetian


In this guided meditation you will travel in consciousness to the 5-Dimension, CRYSTAL ROSE FLAME TEMPLE OF LOVE & FLOW OF CREATIVITY in Telos. This journey will imprinted in your light body & you will receive all what is the most beneficial for your Soul & heart chakra. You meet Holy Spirit, Ascended Master of the 3th Ray ~ Paul the Venetian.


From the third temple, the initiate moves into the fourth temple, the Temple of Ascension. This is the first personal contact that Serapis Bey has with the neophyte.

For the first time, the candidate must draw forth enough purity to see his I AM Presence and his Holy Christ Self face-to-face.

In the initiation, the Master himself will stand within the aura of the initiate presenting many negative imbalances which still exist within the inner bodies.

This is when the candidate will hear many voices and only true discrimination, prayer, selflessness and humility can discern the “Voice of the Silence.”

It is the time when the “Self” is shown the tricks of the ego and subtle appearances.

The aspirant must apply himself to purify all past negative human creations and transform them into pure-white Light Radiance.

Guided Meditation with Lord Serapis Bey


Take a journey to the Ascension Temple of Telos & meet twelve members of the Ascension Brotherhood of Luxor. If you desire this initiation, like a master, set your intention in your heart with your Higher Self and guides to come along with us for this experience. You are guided by Ascended Masters Adama & Lord Serapis Bey.


After passing the initiation of the fourth temple, the disciple is ready for the discipline of the fifth temple, the Temple of Consecration.
It is then that the garment of consecration is placed upon them, golden sandals on their feet and a silken robe on their body.
Master Hilarion or Beloved Raphael performs the service of consecration where all body systems are consecrated to purity and ascension.
Then consecrations are given, of the hands into which the Flame of Healing is infused, and of the feet which become the anchors of the Sacred Fire wherever the body moves.
Consecration of the lips takes place to speak the Sacred Words which invoke and command the manifestation of precipitation and healing powers.
Consecration of the energies of the eyes enables the disciple to see perfection and to call it forth. This completes the ceremonies.


The aspirant is then taken to the sixth temple, the Temple of Service where he is expected to temporarily put aside his worldly pursuits to be in service to others and to become his brother’s keeper. He is also expected to volunteer some of his time to planetary service for the benefit of mankind, not just himself and his family.

He must learn to include the rest of humanity in his heart, becoming fully aware that the needs of others also affect the needs of many. In the sixth temple, under the sponsorship of Lord Sananda with his beloved twin flame, Nada (also known as Jesus and Mary Magdalene), the aspirant is trained to nurture and serve all aspects of Life and become a ministering servant.
Before a candidate for ascension can become a master, he must also learn the disciplines of the humble servant, selfless service, true brotherhood and obedience to Hierarchy. Those spending almost their entire lives in the service of some activity or organization to assist and enhance the consciousness of the collective are usually sixth level initiates. In the past, too often, Serapis Bey saw many of you leave Luxor, ready to set the world on fire, only to recede back as you went down the steps of the great temple. This is where a great number of you lost your opportunity for Ascension in many incarnations.

Guided Meditation with Ascended Masters Lady Nada & Lord Sananda


JOURNEY TO THE RESURRECTION FLAME TEMPLE In this journey you will be in Temple in Telos in the Fifth Dimension it will assist in raising your vibration.


After the aspirant passes the initiations of the first six temples, he is ready to enter the seventh temple, the Temple of the Violet Fire where every atom, cell and electron of his being becomes completely purified by the action of the Violet Flame under the sponsorship of Master Saint Germain.

The candidate becomes like a window through which the God-life flows with absolute purity. The physical body will give you the greatest possible ease and grace within the Laws of harmony, if you refrain from taking into the physical body those substances which change its natural vibratory action, disconnecting it from the harmony of the spheres of Divine Love.

When the candidate is ready to fully externalize the Will of God, and preparations begin to initiate the final phase of the graduation ceremony of Ascension, then all is in place for the candidate to become an “ascended master.” Do you see? Blessings from the heart of Luxor!

Guided Meditation with Ascended Master Saint Germain


JOURNEY TO THE RESURRECTION FLAME TEMPLE In this journey you will be in Temple in Telos in the Fifth Dimension it will assist in raising your vibration.

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