New Moon Solar Eclipse December 2020 Guided Meditation

Winter Solstice New Moon Solar Eclipse & Guided Meditation

December 2020 is very important especially 21/12 (safe this date & commit to deep peace & relaxation, meditation, receptivity) in our history of the planet. 

Our planet ascend to 5-Dimensional & officially New Year of Aquarius starts which brings new paradigm, shift of consciousness & new changes. Read more about ascension. 

Many people will start living from the heart space in harmony with Gaja & create new earth that is in alignment with our true nature & we rise to galactic ascension which brings many revelations for the collective, new truths about this reality & our galaxy system.


Solstice Guided Meditation ~ Embrace Your Divine Heritage ~ Diamond Light Journey. It’s highly spiritual event in sense of connection with the stream of light codes & activations from the Universe.

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New Moon Solar Eclipse Guided Meditation

14 December New Moon Solar Eclipse 2020

14 December 2020 is highly spiritual event in sense of connection with the stream of light codes & activations from the universe. It’s very potent day for accelerate your consciousness & ascension on this planet & use this energy to create our highest trajectory on individual and collective level. Let’s grow via joy, peace & grace

At this day I invite you to:


The intensions for this solstice meditation (on individual and collective level) are:

💎 Re-clame and embrace our power ~ our divine heritage 

💎 Be deeply connected with i am mighty i am presence ~ we are mighty we are presence

💎 Reclaim our unlimited potential ~ we are unlimited beings of light with unlimited potential

💎 Tune in the highest trajectory ~ timeline ~ together as one source ~ one heart of divine love & wisdom

💎 Embrace our perfection ~ including ~ love & wisdom in action

💎 Together as one we direct mighty rays of intelligent light with the intention of clearing and balancing in all directions of time, layers and dimensions all what is not love & light for the highest & greatest good of all that is

💎 Let’s the creator perfection shine through us ~ to all life

💎 Let glorious perfection directing million or billion rays of transcendent light into those places, people, conditions that need assistance the most under divine grace & creator will 

💎 Let all shadows of human creations be removed

💎 Let the whole life on planet Earth shine again & radiate bliss & our creator perfection – Let wonderful omnipotent powers are willing and ready to act through us now and at all times.

P.S. This transmission of light was recorded in amazing time period of time ~ SOLSTICE NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE IN JUNE & will support connecting with stream of the highest light that is available for you now even if you done this meditation before (in June). 

New Moon Solar Eclipse December 2020 Guided Meditation
Embrace Divine Heritage

I strongly recommend use the power of your intension & make I AM Affirmations to the Violet Flame Masters


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