Spiritual Guidance: How to reclaim your power back

Spiritual guidance

Self-empowerment on ascension path

How to reclaim your power back from situations that are challenging? Let’s grow beyond the illusion and limitations of the ego mind.

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First thing is good to remember that everything what we experience is for our highest. We have given permission for that on higher level via Soul contract, agreements, etc.

This is our free will choice. You are whole & complete. By experiencing different lessons, you learn & gain wisdom from this human body experience.

You are the teacher/student/master at the same time. You learn what you will teach & you master your skillset to became master of your reality with ease & grace all the time.

 Now how to empowered yourself:

  1. Go within, calm your mind & enter your heart space, connect with your Spirit & Team of Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters. Detach yourself from the illusion. Ask for holding the safe space for you & your experience in the now.
  2. Then ask yourself: What this is teaching me? Why this is showing up to me? What I need to know and understand or what is good to know.
  3. Sit in salience, give yourself time to receive answers.
  4. Journal your experience. Be aware what’s came to the surface, so that you can embrace, acknowledge this experience & let go for ever.
  5. Anything that is left from this theme you can choose e.g. surrender to your Spirit by e.g. “I surrender to my Mighty I AM Presence now & I’m grateful for the perfect outcome from that situation”.
  6. Strong recommended: You can also cut the cords between you and any person involved e.g. with Archangel Michael & shield them with the Golden Light & ask Divine Mother and/or Mother Mary for support till this process is completely done.
  7. You can also make forgiveness affirmations or hopohopo hono guided meditation to set yourself completely free.
  8. Give thanks for all your experiences on the path of your mastery.
  9. Have faith that all is well exactly as it is.
  10. You are powerful Being of Light. This is your true nature. Be in the center of your center in the now. It’s your ultimate power. It’s your ultimate power. 
  11. Path of self-mastery: hold the vision beyond the illusion and limitations of the ego mind. The book is already written now you go through the chapters. Why not relax more…

Only love is real ~ Wisdom is power ~ Keep shining 

~ with Diamond Light

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