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Your Archangels I Spirit Guides I Names of Angels

Every time you wish or need you can call your Angels & Spirit Guides via setting the intention that you wish to connect. 

Below you find names of Angels & they unique Divine Power. Remember the Angels are a thought from you. They can always support & comfort you in your daily life & ascension journey and they are available 24h per day, each day.

After your meeting with the Angels you will feel energetic shift, gift of frequency that makes you glowing. 

They are here to assist us in our daily life, dreams & goals & in ascension process. Our relation with the Angels is beyond the human experience. Each of us have Guardian Angel or Angels & Spirit Guides that support our Soul evolution & life path. 

List of Angels

Archangel Guides: Archangel Rafael

He is the healing angel and the angel of abundance. 

The energy of this angel is emerald green fire. 

Every time when you ask this Angel will assist you with healing for yourself and others.

Archangel Guides: Archangel Michael

He is warrior and protector angel.

The energy of this angel is electric blue fire.

Every time when you ask this Angel will assist you to protect yourself with his deep blue cloak of protection round you. This is wise to do every night and morning. 

Archangel Guides: Archangel Gabriel

Divine Messenger, the angel of strength & power.

The energy of this angels is etheric cosmic diamond fire.

Every time when you ask this Angel will assist you with your purification and ascension.



Archangel Guides: Archangel Uriel

The Angel of wisdom, illumination & light.

The energy of this angel is ruby-red fire.

Every time when you ask this Angel helps you dissolve your fear and develop confidence and self-worth, so that you can bring back your own wisdom. 

Archangel Guides: Archangel Sandalphon

The guardian of the earth and angel of music, poetry and prayer. The Angel hold the crystal grid of the earth.

The energy of this angel is turquoise.

Every time when you ask this Angel helps you to transform your prayers into positive blessings also lift the vibration of your music or creative writing with Divine presence or be more present, patient, loving. 

Archangel Guides: Archangel Metatron

Angel of Life, Powerful Archangel of immense spiritual fire, wisdom and divine light.

He is leading and guiding the ascension of this planet. The Angel from the central Sun holds the crystalline sacred geometry template of the matrix, and also the template for the awakened earth and living an awakened life.

The energy of this angel is magnificent golden-orange light.

Every time when you ask this Angel will connect you with your Monad, I Am presence and the Source. He can help you to transcend karma, clear limiting beliefs and align with higher timelines.


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