Lions Gate Portal 8/8 is open. Are you ready?


The name “Lion’s Gate” is associated with the position of the sun, which at that time is in the astrological sign of Leo. The lion is a royal animal, it symbolizes power, inner strength, courage and is strong connected with the heart space.

Our heart is also the gateway, portal to the higher dimensions of consciousness. Tune in & step into your power. Embrace your royalty & ROAR. 

I will recorded & send my guided meditation 8-8-2020 (peak of energy) when is ready. All you need to know now is to subscribe.

Your guide through the Lions Gate 2020 journey

What is Lions Gate Portal?

In 8-8-2020 planet earth receives huge & intense streams of light from above & beyond… More specific from the Great Central Sun and other star in our Galaxy System, from Sirius.  

The whole life on planet earth will activated & illuminated with huge streams of solar plasma. Including mineral kingdom, water, animals, trees and off course our human bodies…

Many Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Starseeds, Ascension Guides cold these experience “light codes activation”. This activation impacts our DNA structure and trough that support to awake our higher consciousness.

In this moment of now humanity rise from carbon-based template (3-Dimensional consciousness, 7 chakras active) to the crystalline template (5-Dimensional consciousness, 12 chakras active), which is connected to big event in our current history “global awakening & ascension”, embodiment of Higher Self in human body experience. If you resonate: Activate your 12D chakra system & expand your consciousness.

For more information what is ascension on individual, planetary & cosmic level check my YouTube video. 

If you want to learn how to ascend? Check my article “Ascension Blueprint“. 

We are multidimensional beings. Mind/ego is only aspect of us which not define us, our true nature is much more then we used to think or experienced…

I invite you to contemplate & meditate with the question: “Who I really am?” It’s one of the most important question in our existence. It’s priceless.

You can find rich essence of answers for that great question in many different teachings e.g. Mighty Ascended Masters from the Second Ray, The Golden Ray of Love & Wisdom e.g. Lord Buddha, Master Jesus / Lord Sananda, Lord Maitreya, Lord Confucius, Lord Djwhal Khul, Lord Kuthumi and Lord Lanto.  

All what we receive now from the Stars in our Galaxy System support our transformation from 3-Dimensional matrix (ego-based reality, duality game of fear and separation) to 5-Dimensional time matrix, crystalline (unity consciousness, love, oneness). I will write about ascension process soon. If you wish receive more information subscribe now & join Conscious Creators Community.

You can see how impactful Lions Gate is also via Schumann Resonance, it shows us, what is the earth’s frequency today, every day. As you see how high Schumann Resonance is, you can also imagine, how this affect humans… and what it means for us.

What are the key things that you need to know about Lions Gate?

⚜️ This cosmic event is huge opportunity to activate your DNA with the light form our Galaxy System & expand your consciousness to your original blueprint

⚜️ Via conscious grow on your path you claim your divine heritage as unlimited conscious creator on this planet

⚜️ You can activate your true potential & embody your Higher aspect of Self

⚜️ Heal wounds on Soul level and release karma, which is crucial for shifting your vibration and clearing all what’s no longer serves you in your life experience

⚜️ Bring more light on your ascension path & ascension on this planet. We are one consciousness, we are all in this together.  

 ⚜️ Experience new golden age and many your divine gifts & talents

⚜️ Be on the path of self-mastery & enlightenment, embodiment of Soul’s unique wisdom

How to embrace changes with peace & in alighment with yourself?

You can meditate on nature with specific intensions or relax and receive my channeled guided meditation. I will record Lions Gate Guided Meditation 8-8-2020 (peak of energy). For more information how to meditate read my article: Complete Meditation Guide for Beginners. 

In this guided meditation you receive streams of light from Archangel Metatron and Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters, Your Guides & all Helpers that work for your highest & greatest good. Metatron is the Angel of Light & Spiritual Fire, leading cosmic ascension and the ascension on our planet.

Guided Meditation: Lions Gate Golden Solar Light Activation

⚜️ Awake your highest potential & true self

Reclaim your divine heritage.

⚜️ Receive keys & codes of self-mastery ~ the highest & greatest alignment with your Soul

Embodiment of your Soul is priceless  

⚜️ Clear any density & karma (individual, ancestral, collective) in your DNA & light body

Make your path stable & smooth with divine grace, ease & fluidity.

⚜️ Receive blessings & miracles on your ascension path

Yes. Ascension is about miracles consciousness. Huge shift of consciousness. We are miracle. Life is miracle. The Universe is miracle. Always remember that. Miracles born every day.   

⚜️ Manifest flow of positivity & grow thought joy

Create more bliss and flow in your life.

⚜️ Receive streams of diamond light & beams of royal creation

Fulfill your life with love, wisdom & activate royal creation.

⚜️ Grace, love, sweetness & beauty light codes activation

Embrace your divine nature on cellular level.

⚜️ Rich & splendor in your life activation

You deserve it.

I will send my guided meditation 8-8-2020 when is ready. All you need to know now is to subscribe 

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