Twin Flame Self-Love Guided Meditation

Twin flame self-love guided meditation

with Ascended Master Lady Nada in the Temple of Love in Atlantis

The intension for this guided meditation is to be deeply connected with Divine Feminine aspect of Self, cultivate self-love, acceptance, nurturing the beauty within & bring Divine Feminine wisdom.

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Twin Flame Self-Love
Guided meditation

The intension for this guided meditation is to be deeply connected with Divine Feminine aspect of Self, cultivate self-love, acceptance, nurturing the beauty within & bring Divine Feminine wisdom.


In this guided meditation Beloved Ascended Master Lady Nada is taking you with Her loving Presence to the famous Temple of Love in Atlantis. Temple of Love is very magical one, built of rose quartz and attuned directly to the cosmic heart, Venus.

Together with Lady Master Nada we meet the Priests & Priestesses from this Temple in accompany of Lady Master Venus, which is in charge of the Temple of Love. 

In this Temple you give thanks & receive the keys & codes of the Christ Consciousness, bath of Perfect Love. 

Because this temple establishes higher heart frequency’s will support achieve your ascension in very powerful way.


Lady Master Nada is also the member of the Karmic Board, a group of eight Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings who dispense justice to this system of worlds, adjudicating karma and mercy on behalf of every soul, on which She serves as Third Ray, Ray of Divine Love representative. She holds the energy of Divine Love for humanity, along with Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus and works very closely with him. She is also known as the Goddess of Love. Lady Nada spiritual development is no ego, “Nada” literally means “nothing”.

Lady Master Nada says, “I give you my love, for all else I have already given away.”

The motto of her disciples is “I serve.” Nada’s keynote is Mattinata (‘Tis the Day), by Ruggiero Leoncavalio.


Lady Nada oversees retreats in the etheric realms. One of them is located above Lake Titicaca at the border of Bolivia and Peru, where She works very closely with Lady Masters of others Sacred Rays: Ascended Masters Mary (known as Mother Mary), Quan Yin, Pallas Athena, Lady Venus and Lady Portia (Saint Germain’s twin flame). The second Lady Master Nada’s etheric retreat is located over Saudi Arabia, near Jerusalem where She works with Her Beloved, Lord Sananda in the Temple of Resurrection. The third retreat in The Rose Temple is located above New Bedford, Massachusetts. 

Lady Nada teach candidates for Ascension in mastering the God qualities of the solar-plexus chakra and support to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit, Maha Cohan of the Third Ray Ascended Master Paul the Venetian.


Lady Nada is also a messenger for Lord and Goddess Meru, the Manus of the fourth root race, whose retreat and Temple of Illumination is situated at Lake Titicaca, South America.


Lady Nada has a certain cosmic authority for the incoming New Golden Age, healing is one of her services to humanity. She helps to remember ancient, natural and alternative healing methods & wisdom. She supports also to develop your psychic gifts and intuition.

Lady Master Nada uses the Pink Flame, Flame of Divine Love. Lady Nada symbol is a beautiful, blossoming red-golden rose. She teaches the unfolding of the rose of the heart, helping us to develop the sensitivity of the heart.

She served Intergalactic Council & is now spreading cosmic love to the Universe.

 If you are ready to spread Cosmic Love connect with Beloved Lady Nada.

Six Ray main God qualities are: Ministration of the love of Christ, selfless service of God and mankind, devotion to one’s fellowmen, spiritual worship through devotion and reverent felling.


Day when is amplified: Thursday

Corresponding Chakra: Solar Plexus
Color: Purple flecked with metallic Gold and Ruby
Corresponding Stones: Topaz, Ruby, Alexandrite, Diamond with Pearl

Archangels of the Sixth Ray with Divine Complement: Uriel and Aurora
Their Retreat: Tatra Mountains, Poland.

Elohim of the Sixth Ray with Divine Complement: Peace and Aloha
Their Retreat: Hawaiian Islands


Short Prayer:

“Beloved Ascended Lady Master Nada, in the name of the Christ: Instruct me in the mastery of my emotions so that I can be an instrument of peace in service to life.”


Twin Flame Self Love Meditation for DF with Ascended Master Lady Nada in Temple of Love in Atlantis

Twin Flame Release Pain Meditation for DM with Ascended Master Lady Nada & Lord Sananda

Embodiments of Lady Nada 🌹(Mary Magdalene)

🌹 On Atlantis, Nada served as a priestess in the Temple of Love. The Sisterhood of that temple directed healing through love by the use of light rays for those who required and could receive them anywhere on Earth. That temple was patterned after a rose, each petal being a room. It still remains in the ethers, even to this day.

🌹 Lady Nada was also a high priestess in the Temples of Isis and received her training in full mastery over several prior embodiments from that highly evolved “mystery school.” These mystery schools no longer exist today; they will likely be restored in the new energy after the Ascension of the Earth into the fifth dimension.

🌹 As Mary Magdalene, she incarnated with her beloved twin flame, Jesus, in his mission as the “embodiment of the Christ.” She came to be his beloved companion to fully support his mission. Sananda told me that the account in the bible of the wedding at Cana is the true story of his official marriage to Mary Magdalene.

🌹 It is extremely important for this Truth to be revealed now, that Mary Magdalene was a high initiate and priestess of the Sacred Fire during her lifetime with Jesus. She had a very high degree of evolutionary attainment.

Along with Mother Mary, she was with Him to hold the energies of the Divine Feminine on his behalf during his ministry in the Land of Galilee and at his crucifixion. She was certainly NOT the “sinner and prostitute” as depicted by scholars of the early churches. This denial of the divine feminine is one of the greatest lies that has been unjustly imposed and imprinted on humanity’s consciousness for the last 2,000 years.

She was unfairly discriminated against by the early “fathers of the church” in their attempt to subdue, once more, the energies of the divine feminine for generations to come. They sought to maintain control over what they feared the most, the energies of “Divine Mother,” that Mary Magdalene represented at that time, along with Mother Mary, the mother, of Jesus. Both were very high initiates of the Temples of Isis and had the required attainment to hold that energy while Jesus was performing his Sacred Mission. It is time for humanity to open their hearts to the loving energies of Mary Magdalene, seeing her for who she really is and forgetting the lies maliciously invented against her. (From The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia)

Embodiments of Lord Sananda (Jesus Christ)🌹

Sananda told me that he had many incarnations on the continent of Lemuria, but He was not specific. This great master had numerous embodiments on this planet before his last incarnation as Yeshua Ben Joseph, listed below.

🌹 King David of the Old Testament. In that life, he worked closely with the

prophet Samuel, who is one of the incarnations of our beloved Saint


🌹 Joseph of Egypt, son of Jacob in the Old Testament, has some of the most interesting parallels to the life of Jesus. In Judaism, the Messiah was thought of as the son of Joseph as well as the son of David.

🌹 Joshua, the one who led the Israelites into the Promised Land in the Old


🌹 In his last incarnation, he embodied as Jesus. His real name was Yeshua Ben Joseph. This great master came to teach us that we have the power to create, heal and become the Christ as he demonstrated. He said, “These and greater things than these shall you do.” (John 14:12) He demonstrated the power of God through His healings, His crucifixion and His resurrection. In that life, he was overshadowed by Lord Maitreya, the planetary Christ, whom he called “His Father,” and indeed Maitreya was his spiritual “Father” and the great sponsor of his noble mission. (From The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia)

Christ Returns: Guided meditation with Mary Magdalene & Master Jesus

The intension for this guided mediation is to be deeply replenish by the Christ Light, nurtured, guided, healed & protected. This guided meditation with Lord Jesus Christ / Lord Sananda (in other incarnation) & Mary Magdalene / Lady Nada (in other incarnation) supports you powerfully in your ascension & ascension on this planet. You will receive the wisdom from Beloved Masters, hilling & purification of all what’s no longer serves you & not support your highest path & graceful ascension. We will ask also for blessings from the Masters for your highest path & the highest good of all in alignment with the Divine Will.

Spring Equinox 2021 Guided Meditation

In this guided meditation you connect to your Lemurian Higher Self, Ascended Self & Master Crystal of Atlantis. This guided mediation awakes your essence, true nature, authentic Self in the way that you love & enjoy. You receive keys & codes that are the most beneficial for you now, for your ascension path into New Golden Age of Enlightenment, Guidance from Ascended Master Lord Sananda, His Twin Flame Lady Nada & deep replenishment for your: emotional, physical, mental, etheric body. You activate your Soul wisdom / hidden wisdom that is for your highest now & highest of all.


JOURNEY TO THE RESURRECTION FLAME TEMPLE In this journey you will be in Temple in Telos in the Fifth Dimension it will assist in raising your vibration.


Invocations list on my youtube channel not only support your manifestation & conscious creation of divine perfection in your life. It's also very powerful healing tool on your ascension path. You focus & direct your intension on the Ascended Master Octave ~ very high vibration.

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