How to use the Violet Flame: Q&A

Violet Flame Attunement

How to use the Violet Flame Q&A

I express here my best way (till now) to work with the Violet Flame & Ascended Master St Germain, his Twin Flame Lady Portia & Archangels from the Violet Fire: Archangel Amethyst & Zadkiel on ascension path. And what is important to notice: know-how of invocation & believe system behind.

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How to use the Violet Flame Q&A

  1. Every time be specific as possible what is your intension till you have completed your specific “theme”.
  2. Trust & believe. If you experience lack of trust you are not in alignment with your creative power, power that create your experience. Contemplate this. It’s very important. You need to be sure. Be 100% sure that you receive every time as you ask.
  3. My deepest work with Violet Flame & Master St Germain is in 5D Pyramid of Light. Master St Germain work with me on very high & multidimensional level. I feel that to the core of my Being. After ca. 40 min. earth time session I feel really good almost like new born child. Empty & reedy to receive what is for my highest.
  4. On the path of self-mastery nothing is intellectual. It is only if you choose it to be. 5 Dimension for me is the dimension of the wisdom of the heart & following the truth that is restored in you/us. This lifetime is about remembrance. We have mastered different lessons in past incantations, now is the time to remember who we are and why we are here. By going inworld we explore our true nature not by the ego/mind. There is no other way and never was. If we are aware of that we explore within ourselves the question that are important for us. The reality “outside” triggers the questions that are within us / important to us, to remember who we are. Like in Rumi quote “What you seek is seeking you”. I believe so. Takes only what resonate with your heart/intuition.
  5. We are all very unique to the level of sensitivity of the vibrations, energy filed. You can try to find your best way how to tap into/tune into. By knowing your most powerful channel is very beneficial to work in deep way. However, by setting the intension you are in the center of your creation as a conscious creator. Other your gifts can support you to feel more.
  6. If you work with Violet Flame be committed to that. You peel out layers. It’s not 1-day event as you know. It’s a journey & we can make it all at this time of ascension.
  7. Every time as you send this energy around you under grace you became also transmitter of Violet Flame energy. Try to do this with accompany of the Master St Germain, His Twin Flame Lady Portia, Archangel Zadkiel & Amethyst & Violet Fame Angels under grace for the highest & greatest good of all.

This is Ascended Master of the 7 Ray, Flame of Freedom, Transmutation, Alchemy, Divine/Ceremonial Order. With Ascended Master St Germain / Merlin in other incarnation you can liberate yourself FULLY. Trust this process. Trust jour journey. 

On this journey we all need to transform our illusion of separation & lack of trust into wisdom & Divine Union/Love within. This is lesson in the earth school. We all have gone through a lot… also in many other incarnations. But now is the time to shine, to release all shadows. 

You shine as you transform/transmute all pain & separation into the gem of your love & wisdom. Love is the gateway. Love is a consciousness. Love support your expansion to higher dimensions of Light/Love frequency and your ascension.

Accelerate your ascension: I invite you to connect deeper with Beloved Master St Germain. He is available for us 24/h per day each day. You can call him into your space & communicate in your own unique way e.g. writing, meditation, stillness, reading his books (tune into his energy) or ask him to take you on his etheric retreat during your sleep time. You will receive his wisdom on the higher level of existence. You can also ask him to work with you as often as you wish & be his student. Trust it. It will benefit you & your Soul.

If you want to call in the Violet Flame of transmutation you need to command to your I AM Presence your intension and you do this via I AM invocation/affirmations e.g. I AM Violet Flame in action &/or guided meditation with specific intension. I AM statement is very powerful. Do it from the heart space with confidence & speak loudly (manifest).


💜 Invocation to the Violet Flame

💜 Guided Meditation with Master St Germain in 5 Dimension

Violet flame open invocation:


I humbly ask that our Beloved Archangel Zadkiel, Lady Amethyst accept my petition to be a Keeper of the Violet Flame of transformation.

I the name of Mother / Father God & my own Divine I AM Presence

I call forth the energies of the Violet Flame

From the altar within my sacred heart

I the name of the I AM that I AM

I invoke the Violet Flame to blaze forth from the center of my threefold flame

I call forth the transforming light to permeate my soul & my physical vessel & to activate my Soul memory of my original divine blueprint and my Soul’s destiny.  

I call forth the violet flame to permeate my etheric, mental, emotional & physical bodies in order to transmute cause, cord, record and memory of all that is less than my I AM Perfection. 

All that is not in keeping with the will of our Mother / Father God for my greatest good & for the benefit of all.


Violet flame closing invocation:

In the name of my Divine I AM Presence I ask that the light from the mantras, affirmations and decrees that I avow be sealed in the highest realm of the physical plane and multiply as cosmic law will allow.

I accept that it is done here and now according to the will of our Father / Mother God.

So be it. And so it is. I AM that I AM.



💜 VIOLET FLAME INVOCATION: Archangel Michael channeled by Ronna/Sacred Scribe


How to use the Violet Flame Q&A & Attunement with ST Germain: explore on my YouTube

I express here my best way (till now) to work with the Violet Flame & Ascended Master St Germain, his Twin Flame Lady Portia & Archangels from the Violet Fire: Archangel Amethyst & Zadkiel on ascension path. And what is important to notice: know-how of invocation & believe system behind. This video has following structure:

1. Intro / Background 

2. Q&A 

3. Violet Flame Short Exercise (we tap into violet fire energy for those who have difficulties with that, so that you can recognize how it is) with St Germain, Lady Portia & Violet Flame Angels: Lady Amethyst & Archangel Zadkiel (hold a crystal if you have one). 

4. Violet Flame Attunement

~ with love & light to the One

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