WHO I REALLY AM? Guided Meditation

Who I Really AM

Guided Meditation

We all have the opportunity in this lifetime to ascend into higher levels of consciousness. On the Path of enlightenment & mastery you practice meditation in the heart temple.  

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Spiritual Guidance:

Many of us searching for the most fundamental truth of who we really are?

Why this is important question?

Because when we understand on energetic level the deepest true of who we really are we can create our life-in alignment with that true.

We take decisions in our life that are in alignment in that true,

which is the highest & greatest truth possible and at the same time we became on our spiritual path, path of the soul, because we start live according our true nature.

Why this is important to live our true nature?

As Divine Beings walking the earth it is our birthright to be free.

To free our mind from any limitations from the lower ego mind and concept who we think we are. The true who we really are can be only access by the heart,

in meditation, in stillness, deep contemplation in communion with Soul.

Our heart chakra is the portal, the gate to the higher levels of consciousness, dimensions that enable us to receive on energetic level the wisdom of the Soul, healing, guidance & trough that also deepen our connection with our Spirit and the Spirit Realm.

And because we are Souls incarnated on the earth plane in times of great awakening & ascension it’s not only good to remember our true nature, our divine essence but also crucial at this time. By remembering we simply create from the place of our true essence, because we have this recognition & awareness of who we really are.

We don’t need to search for “this puzzle pace” in our outside world. Because we have found this within our heart the most primal connection, the connection with our Soul. Our Mighty I AM Presence which is One with All That Is, with the Source, with the Supreme Creator, Divine, God.

This is our true nature. Our omnipresent connection with the Source.

Through the vail of illusion many have forgotten. However, many have also return Now.

This is what you are searching for. You are ready to return now to your true Divine Essence.

I ask you now to surrender to the Divine Grace.

Release any expectations, any lover thought forms.

Feel worthy 100% to receive all what is available for you in this moment.

Who I Really AM Guided Meditation

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