Winter Solstice Gateway: Omnipresent Absolute Bliss Guided Meditation

Winter Solstice Gateway

Omnipresent Absolute Bliss Guided Meditation

This is one of the four guided meditations that I was inspiring to create by being strong immersed in the energies of Winter Solstice Gateway 2020. These 4 meditations I called “Divine Diamonds for 2021”.

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21 December Winter Solstice Gateway 2020 Meditation

Winter Solstice Gateway: Omnipresent Absolute Bliss Guided Meditation

Prayer ~ say loud:

My beloved I am Presence, Light of my Soul

I command now to transcendent & heal any limitations & perceptions that are no longer in alignment with the highest true & graceful ascension on this planet. I allow the holy Spirit flow through me easily & effortlessly & purifying all that no longer serves. I allow to be totally filled with the Omnipresent Absolute Bliss ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new.

I choose now consciously send Omnipresent Absolute Bliss to my family, my friends, my city, my country, planet earth, the galaxies & entire existence. 

& So be it.

I am affirmations:

I am Christ Eternal

I am embodiment of Omnipresent Absolute Bliss 

I am the fulness & abundance of the Kingdom

I am living example of New World Order

I am now living the Highest Vibrational Life

I am golden Elixir of Light from the Great Central Sun manifested now

As within so without

I am Bliss. My world is Blissful. I create Bliss in all I do & wherever I go. 

It is so.

~ with diamond heart & love 

Copyright: Diamond Light Goddess

Winter Solstice Gateway: Omnipresent Absolute Bliss Guided Meditation

how to meditate
how to meditate

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