What you need to know before 21 December 2020 Winter Solstice Gateway

how to meditate


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21 December Winter Solstice Gateway 2020

What you need to know before 21 December 2020?

21 December 2020 is game changer date in the history of consciousness on our planet point by amazing astrological event Jupiter & Saturn Conjunction. These two planets align in this period of time are called “Christmas Star”. This date also starts the New Golden Age of Aquarius.

Many Souls will choose awaken to the higher level of consciousness 4-D and 5-Dimensional, unity consciousness, love, light, oneness.

At this point many people still live in 3-Dimensional consciousness, ego-based consciousness, duality & suffering but also many starts awaken to their true nature.

You need to know that this incarnation is profound and probably the most important after many our lifetimes. More about this you can read in my Ascension Blueprint.

We all can ascend to higher levels of consciousness now as Ascended Masters in e.g. ancient times because the frequency of our planet is now on 5-dimensional level, connected to crystalline gird of the earth.

But also, many people are plugged into old 3-Dimensional matrix, carbon-based gird, with all negative programming of 3-D matrix.

Now is great time to decide which paradigm to live: new earth 5-D, grow via joy & grace or 3-D lover frequency, learning via suffering. There is no going back.

In 21 December 2020 you can awake your true nature, your Soul essence by setting the intension, prayer & I am invocation and in meditation.


How you can support yourself before 21 December 2020?

How you can support yourself before 21 December 2020:

  • Eat healthy, high vibrant food (e.g. raw, fresh vegetables)
  • During a day drink a lot of water (support purification of any lower, dense energy), you can also consciously program your water with intension or simply blessed (highly recommended)
  • Spend some time on nature or listen music with nature vibes (e.g. 432 Hz Solfeggio frequency or sound with water, air, fire, earth elements)
  • Clear your chakras
  • Clear your mind via I am affirmations
  • Meditate in stillness & or use guided meditations for peace & calm 
  • CONSCIOUSLY FOCUS ON YOUR INNER WORLD, this is your power center.

The purpose of that is to prepare yourself, your energetic contender, your body vehicle for high frequency light codes & activations from above at this great time of awakening & ascension and also Jupiter & Saturn conjunction in our galaxy system.

Keep calm & stay positive. Forgive yourself & everyone everything & start the new Golden Age of Aquarius with stillness in your mind & power in your heart.

~ May all live be blessed by the aura of your glowing heart.

Awake Your 5-Dimensional Heart (12 Chakras) Guided Meditation

how to meditate
how to meditate

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